WHITEHOUSE team mission is to create a memorable culinary and sensory experience for each of our guests. As every stroke of colour in making of a painting and every instrument in the symphony, we work together to create a meal whose taste and aesthetics will surprise everyone.
Our dream is to become a place where worldly things and events are forgotten. At the WHITEHOUSE restaurant, a person enters as in a new world and experiences beauty – beauty in the interior, in a sight outside the window, in their glass of wine or cocktail, and finally in the food, which we serve with excellent care.

The WHITEHOUSE restaurant team values and cultivates:

  • creative energy and innovation to create unique flavours;
  • perfection and attention to detail to provide impeccable service;
  • personal and special treatment of each guest.

Meet Chef Alexander Nasikailov

Alexander Nasikailov is restaurant WHITEHOUSE Chef. Youthful, vital and passionate to cook. He believes that there are no boundaries in cooking – there are only discoveries. Alexander’s kitchen is difficult to define or frame. He prepares what he likes himself. The places in the world he has visited have left a tangible impression on what Alexander is cooking now. After each country visited, the food prepared by Alexander becomes more nuanced. Whether it is a new culture or inspiration from the work of farmers. In each experience, he finds something new to borrow and bring to the restaurant. Aleksandrs has spent the last two years in Thailand, so the Latvian and French classics he prepares have intriguingly exotic nuances. The flavours of Asian and European cuisine have combined in an emulsion in the kitchen laboratory of WHITEHOUSE restaurant.

Alexander has always allowed his work to tell his story. You are invited to experience this delicious story in the restaurant WHITEHOUSE!

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The WHITEHOUSE menu embodies Chef Alexander’s culinary experience in Europe and Thailand. Thailand separates from Europe not only by the continent but also by the radically different tastes and ingredients in their cuisine. Alexander’s philosophy, creating the WHITEHOUSE kitchen direction, is to combine European classics and reverence with the exotics of Thai flavours. Enjoy classic Italian and French cuisine with a touch of Thai flavours.

Working hours

Monday: closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 17:00 – 23:00
Friday and Saturtday: 17:00 – 00:00
Sunday: closed


Vermane park
Terbatas street 2, Riga

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+371 20 225 000


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