WHITEHOUSE team mission is to create a memorable culinary and sensory experience for each of our guests. As every stroke of colour in making of a painting and every instrument in the symphony, we work together to create a meal whose taste and aesthetics will surprise everyone.
Our dream is to become a place where worldly things and events are forgotten. At the WHITEHOUSE restaurant, a person enters as in a new world and experiences beauty – beauty in the interior, in a sight outside the window, in their glass of wine or cocktail, and finally in the food, which we serve with excellent care.

The WHITEHOUSE restaurant team values and cultivates:

  • creative energy and innovation to create unique flavours;
  • perfection and attention to detail to provide impeccable service;
  • personal and special treatment of each guest.


WHITEHOUSE – story about an atmosphere, European and Asian cuisines, which hand in hand with the finest wines brings you to breathtaking gastronomical travel. 

Our team is dedicated to create unforgettable gastronomic experience as well as to make your time here exceptionally pleasant so you would be happy to come to enjoy your time in Whitehouse again and again however each time leaving with unique, fine dining experience. 

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We have a dream, to be a place where all overwhelming challenges of the day vanish to gift you a time to fully live in a beautiful, present moment.

“Small things do not play a decisive role. They are everything.”
[Harvey MacKay] 

Working hours

Sunday – Monday: closed
Tuesday – Saturday: 12:00 – 23:00


Vermane park
Terbatas street 2, Riga

Contact us

+371 20 225 000

Event Manager
Phone : +371 20225000
E-mail:  inga@apicius.lv or event@apicius.lv


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